It has been turning out I am doing nothing less than health politics here - me,
once respirated artificially 5 weeks long for my life dangerously injured brain after I had been attacked by violent political demonstrants.
I remembered bonding psycho therapy had helped me before to
become a really happy man and to make an exellent professional carreer as a political expert, so that´s why I finally tried it out again. Now I´m still physically disabled,  but bonding psycho therapy surely brought me out of my mental trauma back into life.

When I first dared to try it out again for a weekend after 2 days I was sure bonding psycho therapy was really capable to help me much better and faster than all these official and expensive hospitals I had visited before. The clou: The people who helped me had no acknowledged degree as doctors or psycho therapists at all.
We call them "Heilpraktiker". What a shame for our health system. Our arrogant institutions prefered not to believe what I had told them.
So just listen to (hopefully using good equipment) and think!

And why Dan Casriels student and successor Steven Yohay
was chosen to care for the victims of the attack on New Yorks twin towers with psychic damages if not for the efficiency of his work? He successfully works with Casriels methods eaven today. But for our "experts" all that is not a proof.
By now I got only 6 or 7 weeks bonding psychotherapy payed by my responsibel insurance, until its management stopped my lokal guy. Our shitty system. Its responsibels  are sure
bonding psychotherapy has no worth here. I must buy extra help. I´m psychically stable but I do need windels now. Hurray!

1.) Bonding psycho therapy :

Powerfull help after a psychotrauma, eaven after a life dangerous traumatic brain injury

I met to many mentally and often also physical wounded people in all these hospitals after I had been attacked and allmost killed. Of cause our families suffered more, mentaly we were to much traumatized to really feel much.

1993 I got violently attacked myself by a group of - lets say - 30 people and wounded at my brain in a way I had to be respirated artificially for five weeks and nourished eaven some weaks more. Of cause this was and is a physical AND a psychotrauma. What my comrads and me did not get in the hospitals was a efficient help for our psychotrauma. And this is just what all this homepage is about: Help. Healing (at least mentaly, and thats a lot!)

If I should not be able to express myself to good in English: I am German, and I did learn English only after Latin. So if you live in a world of grey I do remember that. I was not sure I still could see colours at all.

You or the traumatized person are no more able to remember many things? To bear a bit of stress? Or eaven normal human realations tend to get stress? When the children nead love? Or you nead love yourself - impossible?

Be sure I have lived like that myself. But I found help. Yes, there is help. I am sure it can help you too.

First I had got bonding psychotherapy just to feel better. I had seen and heard hundreds of persons get much more happy and successfull using Bonding Pschotherapy here in Germany - I was one of them. This helped me to make an exellent professional and political career.

So after I have been attacked life dangerously by violent political activists and no clinic or psychotherapists could help me. As a last, faint hope I tried out if I could get happy again and found out Bonding Psychotherapy did help me exelently with my brain trauma.

I got much more happy than I could imagine - and there´s a big chance you can get much more happy than you can imagine too.

I have understood how I came back to a real, often happy life. And I do know other traumatized persons here in Germany got help with the same powerfull therapy. Oh I have seen so many people suffer and get little help, that is why I want to make the therapy known.

Here in Germany there is an eavel law from after last world war that says our health system must only use psycho therapies known then before the development of bonding psycho therapy. Maybe its against law I came back into life with my heavy brain damage. And for our laws the people that helped me are no psychotherapists for our system - but what do I have to loose? To a system that has prefered to close its eyes since 50 years?

OK, they do use bonding therapy to help drug addicts. The onlyones who may act here are officially trained psycho therapists. I´ve told you I never got substantial help to get back into live in any rehab, in all of these years.

They do this against the german law that never was changed. Bonding psycho therapy still must not be used in Germany - according to our law. So I came back into live helped by non medical practitioners. So do you believe this all is nonsense? Do you really believe I rather should have stayed mentaly traumatised?

I think the inventor of this glorious therapy Mr. Casriel thought similar when he decided to teach his methods indepently from acknowledged institutions like universities. So why I do tell to you such unbelievible things, and why to you? I only can show to you documents of the exellent professional results I got after bonding psycho therapy: , (of cause in German language) .

So how many people can act like me with a heavyly devasted brain? I´m alone, and of cause I´m not perfect with a story like mine. But I remember a little like I´ve acted as a professional politician. And I´ve got truth on my side ...

You may be astonished I sung and played "Two Times Help" with real and virtual instruments, and of cause I made and published more songs with lyrics in German language too.  Like that probably it gets prooved well enough good help eaven after a heavy brain & psychotrauma is really very possible, eaven when it was connected  with a physical brain trauma. (No band, with exeption of some of the garage-band-drum-tracs its all me. Of cause this therapy did not get a single of my brain cells back to live, but you can read the results here.)

The main issue with it is you will not be left alone when you dare to feel your feeelings again. That´s why it is called bonding psychotherapy. Whithout this powerfull psychotherapy all my homepage here just would not exist - I was much to injured.

So be sure your feelings are still there behind a "thick defense". I did not know it before. Only when somebody was with me I dared to leave my defense and I found out. I do hope als this song with its Geman lyrics can give you an impression I got back to mental health.

Bonding psychotherapy originaly was developed by Daniel Casriel in New York for to treat heavy drug addicts  (First he called it "New Identity Process"). Mr. Casriel was a renowned therapist and president of the American Society of Psychoanalytic Pysicians (at least I do think).

And bonding psychotherapy does much more. It helps at general psychic / emotional problems as well as after traumata. This means: bonding-psychotherapy is superior to other ways of treatment, be it after a trauma or with a "neurosis" - what a word! Any case Mr. Casriel was quite successfull accelerating and ameliorating the possibilities of psychotherapy.

The "secret" of bonding psychotherapy is the reintegration of our emotions into our personality. Emotions are usefull recources developed in our evolution.

How is this possible? Bonding Psycho Therapy provides the best, the most powerfull reparenting possible. Oh yes.

I am sure bonding psychotherapy is the best psychotherapy, and that is why I want to tell what makes the difference: Of cause bonding therapists will talk about apropriate behavior too, but the healing moment is when the participants can make the experience beeing not left alone when they express their emotions. So it is not talking about feelings, but making the experience somebody will join you when you stop surpressing them.

Noone has to tell you you are ok with your emotions, when you can make the experience you are not left alone eaven when you dare to stop surpressing them.  So that is just what Bonding Psycho Therapy provides. I do call it reparenting.

There is not much new about what I am telling here. Several German bonding psycho therapists have published in the web they´ve seen bonding therapy help after psychotraumata. It is just logical. I was to much injured to write down the URLs of the sites.  I just say it loud, and I tell it to the whold world, in English too.

Personally I never got a formal education in psycho therapy. I earned my money with small business politics and helping to improve german laws. If some german states would not have decided not to protect people consequently against left wing political violence, I newer would have begun to work on the field of health politics.

I never was in a political party, I just know how to argue consequently politically. By example: Yes, I have got a live dangerous brain damage - so I must have a brain.

Getting you back in contact with your own ressources  bonding- psycho- therapy also is an exellent school of self- management.

Karriere - nur mit dem richtigen Herangehen

Pictures from 1991

Professionally I had got pretty well established with the help of bonding-psychotherapy.
I do have enough pictures like this I am not afraid with translating problems for to proove it.

To get more clear:  37 years old I got engaged as manager of the "society for the support of less burocracy" by the minister of justice of one of the German states.
Only bonding psychotherapy had made it possible for me to become a happy man and a (I do believe) good father. Of cause it took some time to change my life. Here a weekend, there a weekend. First my parents payed, later I payed myself - soon I had money enough.

After I had survived an attack and suffered a life-dangerous brain injury it helped me back into life. I had been to be respirated artificially for 5 weeks and nurished some weeks longer in 1993.

I knew how much bonding psycho- therapy had helped me before. I felt that the conventional treatment did not help me enough now. So I just tried it again - I couldn´ t eaven imagine how right this was.

The author 2009 >

What made me able to lough on the picture 2009, to really live and not only to exist were some sessions of bonding-psychotherapy. It had been taking all the years from 2003 on till I got really efficient help, lost years, for me, for my wife, and for my children.
without bonding-psychotherapy all this homepage surely would not exist.
Surely also I would not have been able to write it in English some years later and after eaven some more of bonding-psychotherapy - I m German. Remember : After beeing wounded life-dangerously, with a brain that had been compressed and heavily bleeding abefore, after 5 weeks of koma.

Eaven my results in physical therapy often got better when I was back from bonding- psychotherapy.

Bonding psychotherapy has been successfully used to help after traumata in Germany before I found out it can do also that. I just tried it out. Now I want to make people in the hole world profit from this knowledge.

I do not think thats too surprising. A am convinced that there are traumata at the root of every neurosis. I have seen too often that after I had almost been killed I fell back to old neurotic behavior I had overcome before.

That is what bonding means: We will not be left alone when the truth comes out. When we get back to beeing persons full of emotions / feelings. Oh no, thats not an obstacle to clear thinking, to beeing a gentleman or a lady, beeing successfull in profession and private life. Its not talking about, but doing it.

Yes, I got the success. The comfort and the success! Or what do you think of this song... You may not understand German, but You can hear I have got back my energy, and believe me - I had my fun playing that funky music! In spite of having been allmost killed and having been respirated five weeks long for my brain injury- if that is not a good proof that bonding psycho therapy works exellently!

Of cause there is more to say about this. I give you more from the perspective of a user - probably your pc will offer you a translation from German. It might get quite interesting for you. And as I can not know your personal situation: Use a bit of common sense, don�t blame me for what you might do!

To what chapters /subdomains you get from there? Emotionen .= functions of our emotions, Bonding = how this therapy does work, may be the central chapter for you Schaedel-Hirn- Trauma = bonding helps after a brain injury,. Ein Skandal.= why disregarding bonding psychotherapy is scandalous, .zuBeachten = think before acting! . Impressum / Kontakt = me & my adress. Remember: All in German language.

Then the diagnosis of my physikal and mental trauma and the progress of my early treatment once I had no more to be respirated. First my reha-hospital sent it to my insurance, and much later I asked there to get it. Medical talk, and of cause in German too.

Everything seen whith the eyes of an experienced user. What interests me is: Will we feel better after? Will we get along better? My answer: Yes, there is a good chance! If you only could see me smile! And I do not want a single dime for all this. Now eaven "normal" psychic problems are results of experiences little children once underwent as traumatic. We should not be surprised our minds will react in similar ways when undergoing a trauma when grown up.

Only a very good therapy enabled me to produce this Bonding-Rap  20 years after I had been attacked and wounded life dangerously.

2.) Bonding psycho therapy also is the best psychotherapy for problems traditionally called neuroses or traumata:

Bonding-Psychotherapy is healing by integration of all parts of our personality

This  maybee is eaven more fundamental and important than the first part of this subdomain, because it concerns the great majority of you all, that do not believe they are "ill" - at least me and the most people I have known would have protested.

So lets say the most of us could use more success, more happyness - in German we call it Erfolge and Glueck, the name of this homepage. The Erfolg could eaven be a professional succes, oh yes, or a success in love, I´ve had it all.

You are successfull. Of cause you do not need psychotherapy. You just want to get more successfull and eaven more happy. Maybe a better selfmanagement would help. So you are right here.  I have acted like this, made my professional career, and got a happy man privately too.

You are not that lucky, you want to change your life. You need the best psychotherapy possible. I am pretty sure you can get good informations here.

You have hard times. With a psychotrauma you do need help fore sure. Oh yes, I remember how it feels. This is why I made all this website and this special subdomain. I got a heavy brain injury, had to be respirated artificially for five weeks, and to be nurishes artificially eaven some weeks longer. I surely do know how important help is. I have seen to many people suffer.

Right at this moment I want to make this clear: Of cause with my crashed brain I am ill enough. I´ve got thousands of anihilated brain cells. What I do here is much more than to compensate my trauma.

This should be clear: Nobody can work as a bonding therapist whithout a proper education. Experimenting with therapists of a different qualification would be quite irresponsible - Bonding Psychotherapy is much to powerfull for that.

For more information mostly in German and a little in French language:  
To make you understand why you might find fotos of me openly anonymized: Many years I lived afraid of more left wing political violence. Surely I have been suffering enough.

Here the International Society for Bonding Psychotherapy

Southindia 1984  My professional success first as a small bussiness potitician and finally as manager of a political association for the improvement of the German law system would never, NEVER have been possible without bonding psychotherapy.
All my life I had avoided situations where others could claim to me what to do. India (picture 1984) was very fine for to avoid it.


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